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Mark Zuckerberg Post on Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg Post on Facebook

In a post decorated with excitement, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc’s Founder just announced via Facebook that they have just launched an app in Tanzania. “We just launched the app in Tanzania, providing free data access to a set of basic internet services.” He Said.

As he stated, Tanzanian citizens can now use the internet for free to run job searches and posting jobs. They also can access health resources and use services like Facebook and BBC News to stay connected and informed. This is a turning point in the internet era. It obviously marks the start of free internet to all.

This same app had been introduced in Zambia, and its socio-economic impact was inspiring.

Here are a few things that can be accessed for free:

  • Healthcare: For example, an expectant mother using the internet to prepare for her pregnancy.
  • Education: A student using Wikipedia to study for her exams. A man living far from the library being able to download books online.
  • Social website: Facebook
  • News: BBC

Facebook keeps moving towards its goal of connecting every single one of us humans. In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg said, “When people are connected, we can achieve extraordinary things. Today is another small step on our path to connecting the world and making the opportunities of the internet available to everyone.”

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